Personal sovereignty is the main goal here at Mammut Media. To maintain that sovereignty, we’re fostering an environment that houses the immense rainbow of voices needed to paint the irreplaceable tapestry of this richly diverse and ever-growing culture of humanity. Our mission as a species shouldn’t be based upon the political, financial, or theological influence of any one subsection of beings. It should be based on the righteous cause of ownership and accountability. We all originate from the same tribe; we’re all a part of the same mass, like a droplet of water that’s finally realized that it’s a single bead of a whole unexplored ocean. It’s inevitable that our different perspectives will occasionally produce a frictional sting between our shared existence, but soon enough, we must come to trust and remember that regardless of whether or not one’s path seems foreign to our own – we still travel together in the same direction on a journey through the relentless tundra we call life.


Mammut Media was founded in the Spring of 2022 by four tenacious and like-minded souls who understand the notion that in order to empower others around you, you first have to believe in yourself. With backgrounds in graphic design, creative and journalistic writing, animation development and some illicit urban art – the eccentric personalities behind these Mammut’s are determined to increase the possibility of worldly relations and the endless advocation of pure artistic self-expression.

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